A Far Away Love

when I lay in bed at night,
i hoLd my pillOw very tight
for eVery second that goes by
wishing you could see my eyEs
i catch mYself starring into space
wishing i cOuld see your face
for the thoughts of yoU makes me shiver
And to be that close to you
would make my body quiver
for a feeling this deep
it should be the oNe we keep
wantinG that touch from you is so strong
how can these fEelings be wrong
so i Lay there dreaming of you
wihsing you only Knew
how much i want to be beside yOu
i walk on the beach and look up the stars
coz i know that you're very far
so a far away love should never be measured
cause having you in my life
is my world greatest treasure.