Jesus In My Life

Who was your Jesus growing up?
Who was a Jesus to you at some point?

Over the years, I encountered a lot of Jesus in my life but now I would like to share who were the people in my mind earlier.

My Lola

Growing up as an only child is not easy, I don't have a constant playmate, I never experienced the sibling happiness and rivalry. I must say, I grew up not the stereotyped bratty daughter. At that time, both parents are busy working. I remember how they juggle me from our house to my lola's house. I'll sleep at our house, but when I wake up, I'll go to lola's house and that's where I eat, get ready for school and do my homework.

My lola is my second mom. I admit, I may not be spoiled to my parents when I was a kid but I am spoiled by my lola. Until now, she's 86years old but continues to shower me and Addy with love and care.

My circle of trust
You know who you are. Thank you guys for being my support group. You may not know each other but I know that you're bonded by God that's why each one has a "special task" in my life. Each one has a unique role in my life. Your presence comforts me. Your assurance and affirmation warms my heart. You continuously fill my love tank.

Of course, my one and only :)
The one who invited me to the Feast. I've known you since 4th grade. We've been through a lot. One thing I'm sure of, were definitely for life, for keeps. Thank you sis!

Lastly, Addy's dad. Yes,

I saw Jesus in him. You know why? Because he's part of a greatest gift. He gave me Addy, my one true love. If not for him, I will not have Addy at this moment. If not for him, I will not be as optimistic as I am. If not for him, I am not this strong. He may not be around, but Addy took over his place. Addy is the one continuing the "being Jesus". For that, I will still forever be grateful because I have the most beautiful blessing. My Son, My Addy.

Given a chance to change my past, I will still choose the same path that I took. I will still choose the same disposition in life because with my past desert experience, I discovered how beautiful life is. I met genuine friends. As my uncle said last night, it is only during the time of darkness that you can see the stars.

Disclaimer: These are the few people that came into my mind right away, but I met and encountered so many Jesus in my life
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