Our New Diaper Discovery: QPants

As a yayaless mom of three on the go kids, I am always on the look out for affordable yet quality products for them. I am lucky that Arriana hardly had diaper rashes but with Amanda, I had to be very careful with her diapers. Diapers should be safe, comfortable, fits well and absorbs well.


How do we choose a diaper? 

Because it is in direct contact on the skin,diapers should be gentle on the skin but because it is a diaper it is expected to be strong and durable as well. So we want a diaper that is soft but also leak proof so it should have an absorbent core.

Of course, we want it affordable or wallet friendly. I used cloth diapers with Arriana before but having three kids already will make it challenging for me. Plus our laundry area doesn't have enough space for drying racks. 



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