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Our New Diaper Discovery: QPants

As a yayaless mom of three on the go kids, I am always on the look out for affordable yet quality products for them. I am lucky that Arriana hardly had diaper rashes but with Amanda, I had to be very careful with her diapers. Diapers should be safe, comfortable, fits well and absorbs well.

How do we choose a diaper? 

Because it is in direct contact on the skin,diapers should be gentle on the skin but because it is a diaper it is expected to be strong and durable as well. So we want a diaper that is soft but also leak proof so it should have an absorbent core.


Of course, we want it affordable or wallet friendly. I used cloth diapers with Arriana before but having three kids already will make it challenging for me. Plus our laundry area doesn't have enough space for drying racks. 


I want a diaper that has round stretchy waist garter. Arriana and Amanda are both active. Whether they are crawling, jumping, rolling over I don't like refastening the tape constantly. So we normally use pants diaper so baby can move freely without constraints. I like a stretchy diaper so changing them from one diaper to another is such a breeze.

As baby grows, so does the amount of pee. Just like Arriana, she just turned 3 last March yet we are still unsuccessful in potty training her. Once baby becomes active, they sweat a lot. Amanda turned 1 last April and she has been practicing to walk lately. Plus, our weather makes them sweat more. Sweat makes it moist and stuffy inside the diaper so we like a diaper that is breathable; must be able to breathe to  expel moisture and stuffiness that often leads to diaper rash. So imagine pee and sweat combined, a no no.

I want a diaper who can hold and absorb loose poo. Amanda is weaning to solids and often than not her very loose poo spreads easily across her skin. This can be one cause of diaper rash too.

I want a diaper who uses wholesome diaper material. It should be helpful to baby's gentle skin and to the environment.


So, I recently discovered QPants diaper. Positioned to provide the right balance of quality and cost, QPants baby diapers (pants) is relatively new and "unknown" to the Philippine market except for Metro Manila, North and South Luzon, particularly in the areas of Laguna. The brand also is growing in terms of distribution in the said areas. 

Qpants diaper is at par with industry leaders and is comparable with other popular brands. It has the capacity to absorb urine for normal time use of 4-6 hours. 

What I like most about it is the cloth-like back sheet protecting my girls skin. The cloth-like backsheet releases moisture to keep the baby's skin cool and dry. It has also a stretchy waistband which makes it easy to wear. It auto-adjust to best fit body shape so no need to worry with red marks on my girl's skin. It has an absorbency core that helps evenly disperse and lock liquid inside you it is leak free. It is available in the following sizes:

Small: 3-7 kgs

Medium: 6-11kgs

Large: 9-14kgs

XL: 12-17kgs

XXL: 15-25 kgs

I like how Arriana and Amanda belongs to the same size bracket already. With other brands, I had to get two different sizes which make it more costly for us.

If you are using diaper pants - Switch to Pants, Mag QPants na!

QPants are available at:

QPants FBPage-
QPants IG -

You can officially search for QPants in Shopee Mall and enjoy quick and easy shipping straight to your doorstep.

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