What Do We Need To Know About The 105 Days Expanded Maternity Leave? ( With Video )

It was a privilege to be part of an intimate discussion with Senator Rissa Hontiveros and other Mommy bloggers and influencers about the new Expanded Maternity Leave or RA 11210.

This is definitely a BIG WIN not just for us mothers but MOST of all for our BABIES. I am all for giving credit where it is due! Thank you Akbyan Party List Representative Tom Villarin and Senator Rissa Hontiveros for championing this law! After 26 years, this is a historic victory not just for women but most of all for babies! This law will truly empower women! 

So what do we need to know about the 105 Days Expanded Maternity Leave?

📍 From 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for caesarean delivery, maternity leave is now 105 days. It grants to all covered female workers in the government and the private sector, including the informal economy. With an option to extend for another 30 days without pay.

📍 If the female worker is a solo parent, as defined in the Solo Parent Act (R.A. No. 8972) she can have an additional 15 days of fully paid leave.

📍 The mother can transfer 7 days of her leave benefits to the father, extending the latter’s paid paternity leave to 14 days. ( Let’s wait for the IRR - Implementing rules and regulations for the technical details) 

📍In the death, absence or incapacity of the father, the mother can choose to allocate up to 7 days of her maternity leave benefits to a relative within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or the current partner of the mother, as long as they share the same household. 

📍Maternity leave shall be granted in every instance of pregnancy, miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy, regardless of frequency. Female workers who suffered a miscarriage or had to undergo an emergency termination of the pregnancy are allowed to have a 60-day maternity leave.

📍There’s a penalty for companies who will fail to comply. Also, we have an anti discrimination law so they can not not hire women just for this law. Besides, I personally think, they can afford to lose women in the work force. 

📍Employers who fail or refuse to comply with the provision of the law may be subject to a fine of not less than P20,000.00 but not more than P200,000.00, and imprisonment of not less than 6 months and 1 day but not more than 12 years.

📍 For those who gave birth after March 8, 2019 you can still avail this. This is retroactive. The new law will take effect after fifteen (15) days from its publication in the Official Gazette (21 February 2019) or in a newspaper of general circulation. The implementing rules are expected to be issued within 60 days.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations or IRR is expected to come out this May.

Thank you as well to Atty Jaye Bekema for all your contributions and hardwork for #EML105days #RA11210 

Thank you Maricel and Beng of The Parenting Emporium for hosting this discussion.  I would love to attend meaningful discussions like this!

For questions and clarifications, you may comment down below.

To view the complete law, you may check it here https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/downloads/2019/02feb/20190220-RA-11210-RRD.pdf

To watch our full discussion, check the video below.