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Tiny Bud's HAHA The Happy Hippo Storybook Launch

It always brings me extra joy to meet people who shares the same advocacy or values or even beliefs with me. My friends know that one of my life saying is, “happiness is a choice” you can choose to be happy or choose otherwise. We make sure to teach our kids to always choose happiness. For them to live in their now. Choosing happiness follows contentment. To be content with what you have. Choosing happiness means seeing the positive side and we like our children to always remember that. 💚 The event was hosted by my good friend, Say Alonzo. Simultaneously, we are on Lazada Live and Tiny Buds Baby gave away 100,000 worth of vouchers to viewers!

So it was a great pleasure to be at the Grand launch of #HAHATHEHAPPYHIPPO of @tinybudsbaby 💛 I’ve been receiving messages how to purchase the book. Unfortunately, It is not for sale but with your minimum purchase of Tinybuds products you will get it as a gift. So don’t forget to ADD TO CART your favorite Tinybuds products this coming July 12 in Lazada.

Congratulations @tinybudsbaby thank you @linlintan for doing an extra mile in helping out spread good values. Thank you for bringing Tinybuds in every family 💛

Head on now to Tinybuds FB page to see the digital story and you can save it and be your digital story :) #tinybudsph

Here’s a message from the Tiny Buds Family:

When a parent chooses tiny buds, we become a part of their households, and their lives. That’s why in our own tiny way we want to share in the responsibility of teaching good values to children by developing easy to understand stories with life lessons. ✨

For our 2nd Story Book, we Decided to focus on the Value of Happiness.


Children are born inherently Happy. When they come into the world they see everything as an adventure, everything around them is magic. But as we all get older, we start to see the world around us differently. We experience things like comparison, failure, loss…and suddenly we lose this childlike joy that we were born with. This is all a part of life. That is why our children need to be taught that True Happiness is not achieved by receiving or experiencing something. True Happiness is a CHOICE. ♥ It is a choice we make every single day. And it takes work, it takes practice. There are times when it’s difficult to choose to be happy - and that’s why it’s so essential to teach our kids the importance of happiness! ✨

With this, we would like to invite everyone to watch HAHA’s story on and get your Free Story Book and Plush Toy as a Gift with minimum purchase from our stores.❤️🌱

More Photos From The Event: