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Better, Faster, Stronger Day 2 (shooting drills)

I wasn’t able to take a video of the entire session because my 2 girls woke up late. So I do not have their drills video but I was able to capture their shooting drills!

If you know Addy, you know how shy he is. Today, My mom just dropped him off then we just followed 20 minutes before we were supposed to pick him up. But Addy wanted to stay! That’s a good sign. He normally doesnt want to be alone especially this is his second time only. Normally, he will wait for my husband or his uncle to play ball with him but never alone. I was so happy to know that Addy had fun. It is also nice to know that our coach sincerely cares for Addy. It resonates because Addy doesn't show any signs of nervousness. He is excited to go and he even wakes up early.

Here is a short clip of his training today.


Better, Faster, Stronger Day 1

Addy started his interest with basketball when he was five. My husband taught him the basics in our parking lot. They will practice shooting at Timezone. He never really had a formal training not until summer of last year. My husband's nephew, Enzo and Addy enrolled at Don Bosco Summer camp. During their graduation, Addy was asked if he wants to join the varsity team of DBTI. He was unsure at that time if we will be enrolling him at CSA or Don Bosco. 

When we finally enrolled him to Don Bosco, he had another set of basketball camp with them and after the graduation he was advised to bring his practice gears the next school day. Since Aug last year, he trains with the varsity every MWF, 4PM to 6PM.  

But we know that he needs to work double if he really wants to succeed. He never tried out for it so he missed the try out drills. He encountered challenges with team plays. He wants to have a one on one coach so he can catch up. At the same time, make his weekends worthwhile.  

We found a new basketball court with gym facilities near our place especially my mom's. I immediately inquired last January but their schedule was full. We waited for a slot to open. Addy had his skill test two Thursdays ago. From there the coach arranged his training plan based on Addy’s skill.


Check out Addy's first day.

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