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Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Kids love airplanes regardless of their genders. Arriana would often waved goodbye when she see it up in the sky. Every Sunday, we visit Mamun and Tangkad at The Heritage Park. We thought it is nice if the kids can see an actual one (not the usual PAL or Cebu Pacific planes cause they've been on one already) The only place where you can actually see and enter an airplane / helicopter is at the Aerospace Museum.

The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum is located at the PAF Headquarters at Villamor Air Base. This one is beside Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. It is formerly named Nichols Field, named after Captain Henry E. Nichols, a US Navy commander who served during the Philippine-American War. Then it was renamed after Jesus Villamor, one of the most prominent pilots in Philippine aviation history who served during World War II fighting the Japanese forces.

Upon entering the indoor museum, big planes will welcome you already. We were asked to pay P20 for JB, myself, Addy (9) and Arriana (2) Amanda is free since she’s an infant. No receipt or ticket but I did not mind. As they say, “Saan makakarating ang bente pesos mo?” This is by far the best P20 expense. The place is air conditioned and well maintained.

The museum is dedicated to the glorious history of the Philippine Air Force. Take note that these are the actual ones and not replicas.

There is a display of miniature airplanes and airport on the second floor, which is a hit with the toddlers. You can also see the antique telephones, cameras, and other stuff used during World War 2. Their different uniforms are showcased as well.

After roaming the indoor museum, you may proceed to the outdoor display of commercial planes, air force planes, and helicopters. It is like an outdoor playground with real planes and helicopters where kids can climb inside and look around. For children, it can be a special treat to be in actual planes and helicopters used in air defense during WWII.

The UH-16 Albatross was designed to take off and land at sea to rescue downed pilots. Its V shaped hull helped the aircraft to land in rough sea conditions. UH-16 Albatross is a utility amphibian plane.  It can take off and land in both land and water.  It's perfect for water rescue operations.

Look how happy we all are while Amanda is sleeping soundly in her stroller.

The Douglas C-47 Transport or also known as the Gooney Bird, is the most famous commercial transport plane in the world. This model was actually one of the first postwar aircraft delivered to the Philippines, from the US, after its use as military aid. It was also used for rain making and rain suppression operations. It served well in the Air Force as a transport aircraft, a fighting aircraft and for weather reconnaisance operations. 

Please don’t forget to bring hat, sunglass, sunblock and umbrella! We were there at 2pm and it was very hot! Addy had a class in the morning so the only way to go there on a weekend was after his class.

Aermacchi SF-260 Marchetti, this plane was used as a trainer aircraft for PAF pilots but was also modified to serve in combat missions.

Aermacchi SF-260 Marchetti, this plane was used as a trainer aircraft for PAF pilots but was also modified to serve in combat missions.

NAMC YS-11A VIP transport is considered as the Air Force One of the Philippines during the Marcos era. Before you can actually go inside but not anymore. This was used mainly for transporting the President and first family, which means Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos used to get around in it.

The Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter, also known as the Huey, was acquired from the US; it was used for front-line casualty evacuation and deployment of troops during the Vietnam War. The first models, as well as updated models, are currently in use by the PAF and the US air force. It is the only helicopter where you can actually go in to check out. The Huey is perfect for troop transport and extraction and casualty evacuation.

Is it obvious that this helicopter is our favorite? Look at Arriana, “feel na feel”

The F-5A , also called Freedom Fighter, which is used as a front line fighter of the PAF in securing the nations airspace against hostile intruders. The Blue Diamonds previously used this in aerial demonstrations during significant national, PAF and AFP celebrations.

The F-5A , also called Freedom Fighter, which is used as a front line fighter of the PAF in securing the nations airspace against hostile intruders. The Blue Diamonds previously used this in aerial demonstrations during significant national, PAF and AFP celebrations.

A monument dedicated to Jesus A. Villamor, a Filipino American pilot pioneer who fought the Japanese during World War 2.

A monument dedicated to Jesus A. Villamor, a Filipino American pilot pioneer who fought the Japanese during World War 2.

There is a small store where you can buy some snacks and drinks. If you get lucky, the sorbetero cart might be there and you can buy the all-time favorite — dirty ice cream for a minimum of P20. Bring extra shirts because the museum is not air-conditioned, or you can opt to buy a souvenir shirt that they sell there.

Since the museum is near the airport, watch out for the planes flying in and out of NAIA. For a better vantage point, drop by Heritage Memorial Park at around 5pm. You’ll see the airplanes landing one after another.

What to bring:

  1. Sunblock

  2. Hat

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Extra T-shirt

  5. Water bottle though you can snacks and drinks there

  6. Camera to capture your child’s happiness and for memorabilia purposes

  7. Happy face and child like heart


LOCATION: Located at the Philippine Air Force Headquarters at Villamor Air Base, Manila. It’s beside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3, a.k.a. NAIA 3




Enjoy more photos here:

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale By Repertory Philippines
Rapunzel poster.jpg

Rapunzel is one of the most popular fairy tales already during my childhood years The story is about a long-haired girl trapped in a tower. Her long blonde hair has magical healing and restoration powers. More recently she had been brought back into the consciousness of the younger generation by animated feature "Tangled" (2010), where Disney put its own spin to the fairy tale. Now, Repertory Philippines offers their own enchanting twist to the story.


Last Sunday, January 23, 2019, We watched Rapunzel: A Very Hairy Fairy Tale By Repertory Philippines at Onstage Cinema, Greenbelt 1, Makati. Me, JB, Arriana and Amanda together with 30 kids from Don Bosco Parish had a grand time. Repertory Philippines (REP) Theater for Young Audiences brings you a fairly tale classic they've never done before.


Rapunzel is a princess who had been locked away by her aunt Lady Zaza in a high tower located at the edge of a deep, dark, dank, dismal, dreary forest since she was a child. A gallant knight Sir Roderick and his best friend, the flashy hair-stylist Edgar (who is on a quest to find the perfect head of hair), embark on a quest to find and rescue Rapunzel and restore the kingdom before Rapunzel turned 18 the next day. With the help of a little bit crazy gypsy woman and Socrates the old and witty dragon who became fireless, Sir Roderick and Edgar rescue Rapunzel on time.


Filled with colorful costumes, fancy hairstyles, and enchanting stage setup, Director Joy Virata truly knows the way to capture the attention of the young ones and even those young at heart. The play is interactive and the casts roam inside the theater gaining utmost audience participation. You can see the thrill and delight in the kids' eyes as they genuinely try to help the characters.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale runs from September 15, 2018 to January 27, 2019 at the Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

We can not wait to watch again the upcoming plays from Repertory Philippines. To know what’s coming this season, check their website at


Addy's Baguio Trip

This was Addy’s first time in Baguio. He went there with my Uncle Allan and Auntie Pet. It was a perfect time for him to explore the province and homeschool at the same time. Since I am not with them during the trip, it was his “field trip”.

As soon as he came home, he had to tell me what happened since day 1. Photos and videos were sent to me by my Uncle.

Bacolod Part 1

It will be our first flight as a family. Technically, it is Addy's second time to ride the plane while it is Arriana's first time. We will be in Bacolod from Friday until Monday for our good friend's wedding, Nescy and Christian. #NesC2017 #NesCyoNaAngLahat.

Our flight was delayed and I somehow expected it already since we took the mid day flight. Domestic and International flights share the same runway. It took us 45 minutes before we had the take off clearance. Overall, the plane ride was very smooth except that JB is not seated beside us. Normally, I will fight for what I know is right and can be done. A little background, I was handling the 24/7 department of a well known travel agency for both marine and fit passengers. I handled a lot of VIP frequent travelers and I was able to issue several round the world tickets (yet, round the world means the traveler will visit each continent in one itinerary travel) so I know there must be a way.

Upon arriving Bacolod, we were greeted by the Aunt of Nescy. It was drizzling so we went inside the van right away. It is our first time in Bacolod as well. I am excited to explore the city with my family and most of all with Addy.

The highlight of our day 1 and 2 will definitely be the pre-wedding dinner ( food and the Masskara dancers) and of course, the wedding itself.

Check out our short video below. Day 3 and 4 will follow in the coming days.

Addy's PBAs - English, Math, Science, Arts, Sibika, P.E, Health, CLE

Batangas Long Weekend

Last June 24-25, we spent our long weekend in Batangas. Together with my mother-in-law's side, we went to Calubcub Bay, El Jardin De Zaida, Basaliya and my in law's property in Abung. It was a perfect weekend for my homeschooler.

Addy was able to appreciate the beauty of Batangas. Here are some of our activities with our integrated lessons.


Our convoy is pretty long, 5 cars in total.

Jeep- Popsie, Momsie, Ninang Thatha, Ninong Raul

FJ Cruiser - Kuya Jeff, Ate Agi, Tantan, Kirsten, Addy

Wigo- Me, my husband JB, Ed and Keisa

Avanza- My inlaws, Tita Che and Teo

Strada- Joey and Cha

Going around Batangas is a trail already. We integrated Proper and Common Nouns with the cities and barangays in Batangas. Our exit was in Ibaan. Our first stop was in San Juan, Batangas. Our inlaws are in official business as they need to have their inherited properties measured/surveyed.  This is where Math came in.

We visited two properties, one in Abung and one in Pitogo. The one in Pitogo is filled with coconut trees and banana trees. Here comes, Heath where in we discussed the healthy benefits of banana and coconut also known as the fruit of life.

In Abung, the kids and kids at heart had fun in trailing. The land is a 2 hectare vacant land. This property is in front of El Jardin De Zaida, owned by the family of Pia Guanio's husband. WE met the owner, Tita Zaida. The kids had fun at their infinity pool. I had fun with the nature scenery.

We also went to Basaliya. It is a Bali inspired front beach resort owned by Lola Puring. Not enough photo because they are preparing the place for their guest that will check in but we will definitely go back here.

We stayed at Calubcub Bay. It is actually our second time here. It is a public resort but it is very secured. I like the place because the kids have enough space to play.


Addy and Tantan had fun definitely in the court which is just right in front of our villa. I am so thankful to my brother in law, Teo, for looking after the kids.

FISHING ( Health)

Addy had fun the first time we were here so he was excited to go fishing again but this time with Lolo Marlon. Addy caught Tilapia and Bangus! Just like last time! Arriana and I had to  leave after 15 minutes because it was too hot already.


I wasn't able to document this because I was the cook in charge. But I heard Addy was a little hesitant to try the one with heights. I guess, I still have to help him conquer his fear of heights.

Here's a glimpse of our trip. Sorry for the amateur video. :)