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How Much Does It Cost To Give Birth?

Last March 2016, I gave birth at Makati Medical Plaza. I was so grateful that my OB Dra Joanne De Grano-Marave is very kind. Roughly, Normal delivery can ranges from 120-160k at that time but my OB offered a package for PHP 75,000. What's included?

  • 2 days semi private room stay

  • Delivery room fee

  • Baby care fee

  • OB fee

  • Pedia fee

  • Anesthesiologist fee

Last April, I gave birth to our 3rd child. Normal delivery now ranges from 150k-200k. Our package now is at PHP 113,000 but unlike with Arriana, we choose to stay in a small private room for a bigger space. It also includes the following:

  • 2 days small private room stay

  • Delivery room fee

  • Baby care fee

  • OB fee

  • Pedia fee

  • Anesthesiologist fee

Semi private VS Small Private

For semi private, well the room is smaller. No private bathroom 

For small private, bigger room, private bathroom and a mini fridge

Now, Makati Medical Center also provides toiletries. During Arriana's time, they don't have this yet.

MMC toiletries Slippers, pillows not in the photo

I am thankful to have my OB and my friends know this, I would always recommend Dra Joanne to everyone. She lives nearby. She answers query even outside the country. Note that not all doctors offer this package. So please, ASK.  Even my Anes, I love her because she took care of me like her own.

Overall, I love my experience with Makati Medical Center. :) I can't wait to write more about my journey with Amanda. I will be blogging my birth story soon, so watch out!

My Birth Story | Baby Number 2

My last preggy photo

March 5, 2016 me and my partner decided to watch a movie in SM Aura. After the movie, we drop by at his friend's house for his birthday Salubong that is already March 6. Everyone was telling me that I might give birth that day. I always answer, "No! I always talk to Arriana and now I tell her she can come out March 8 onwards to give me time to finish some errands"

March 6, 12:00 noon, I woke up with the need to pee as usual but I already saw blood stains. I immediately sent a text message to my OB Dr Joanne saying there's blood. She asked if there's contractions. I answered no. She replied, "If in doubt go to the  hospital na. Then I sent her a photo ( Yes, sorry it may sound gross) but I just want to make sure because with my eldest, I never experienced the blood part just pelvic pain like menstrual cramps. With, I panicked because there's blood yet NO pain at all! My OB asked me to go to the hospital because there's a lot of blood. 

12:49pm, I even managed to sent my OB a message that I am at the hospital already. 

I am very vocal that I am more scared now than my first one. Weird, I know. 

Selfie at 2:10pm
 I was updating everyone by taking a selfie. The nurses keep on asking me my pain scale because contractions are every 3minutes but I am 3cm dilated only. I always answer, no pain.

I even managed to calm down the other girl beside my bed. She is having twins but not yet due yet. 

Selfie at 2:34pm

At 2:42pm they asked me to read and sign procedures etc. Of course, I took a photo of the paper too! 

What I dont like about this is how they internal examine me several times. Yes, I am scared whenever they IE me. And yes, it hurts more than the contractions. 

All these times, JB was outside settling our deposit. 

At 4pm, I was already transferred to the labor room. This was one of my concerns before because with Addy, I never transferred rooms. Everything was done in one room. Here I had to be transferred several times! (Delivery room, Labor Room, Operating room, recovery room and our room) 5 transfers! 

So JB arrived, I think around  4:30pm. There's a television so I can relax. But the contractions are getting stronger. Whenever there's a big one, I hold on to JB super tight. He will ask me a lot of questions: how are you, are you ok, what can I do. I was 6cm dilated at this time. 

Around 5pm, I asked for epidural already because
1. I feel tired cause since 1pm contractions are every 2-4mins on an average. So thats 5 hours already but I felt the pain around 4pm so okay, an hour of 2-3mins pain. 
2. I know I can tolerate the pain. I can manage. But I dont want JB stressing out
3. I thought its still a long way. I even thought I will give birth the next day or around 11pm since I am still on 6cm. With addy, contractions started 6am but I gave birth 10pm. No epidural since I labor at home and went to the hospital when contractions were 3minutes apart and I was fully dilated already at that time. Too late for epidural. 

They asked JB to go out for the epidural procedure. They will insert it through my spine. I even asked if its okay since I have a scoliosis and the doctor said yes. IT WAS PAINFUL!! I was telling them " Mas masakit pa ito than my contractions. Kaya ko contractions" ( this is more painful than my contractions. I can take the pain of my contractions) I was almost crying. 
Finally, when it was over, JB went inside my room again. I felt relax. Okay, so this is how it feels. NUMB. After 30mins, I felt cold. Super ice cold! Epidural gave me chills. They had to put something like a body warmer because I was shivering from head to toe. Then I felt asleep. I was so tired. JB was constantly waking me up! Asking me if I am okay because suddenly I was so sleepy. I keep on answering, " yes, I am ok. Let me sleep because it might be a long day still"

Around 645pm, my OB checked on me. I said NO IE pls! But I think she did! It just that I have epidural already so I did not feel it anymore. Waist down is literally numb! She poked my water bag and she said she will come back after an hour an I am ready to go by then.

7:45pm my OB went back to my room. She checked and she said okay you are fully dilated. She brief me on what will happen. Yes, I have to be transferred again, this time to the operating room. 

Probably around 8pm, I was already in the operating room. Full cast! My OB introduced everyone. Pedia of Arriana was there. My OB, of course. My Anesthesiologist who gave me my epidural was there. Another doctor to assist me with my practice push. Several nurses and of course, JB. 

My OB reminded JB to get ready with the camera for photos. 

Practice Push! 

8:11 Arriana Janelle is out! 

Yes, 1 push, 10 seconds. Whew! 

JB: is it done?
OB: Yes! She is so fast! Very good mommy Ley. 

We performed Unang Yakap (First hug) as they cut her umbilical cord. 
Our Pedia also assisted and initiated Arriana's first latch. Arriana had a good latch! I am a happy mommy! 

We are off to our next transfer! The recovery room. Now JB had to go buy dinner. I am so hungry too! But  I am so excited to announce Arriana's arrival. I am excited to see my mom and Addy! Yehey! Yes, Addy was allowed inside the recovery room wearing his own scrub suit too. (No photo! Cause Kuya doesnt want to) 

Kuya Addy loves his little sister so much! I am happy and sad at the same time. I wish my dad is here with me. But I know he is watching over us!

My Birth Story | Labor Of Love In Winterpeg

After nine months of having a big belly while trying to exercise for easy labor and making the most out of my WINTERpeg expedition (I hate snow guys), borrowing pants from my cousins and trying to eat healthy as possible (add up the diet that I hated because of my gestational diabetes from 4months until the time I am giving birth) Finally, the long wait is over.

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. It needs support from family, friends and of course your partner. (At that time I have my aunties and uncles and some cousins in canada with me; parentals are in the Philippines)

Two weeks before I gave birth, I had brief periods of contractions that grew intense. My doctor said It is normal, it's braxton hicks. It is a sign that I am now ready anytime to give birth.

The night before the real labor, we had our usual Friday family bonding; movie, popcorn, butong pakwan, wine and beer for them. King came over and out of nowhere he just said "You'll give birth if not tomorrow, by Sunday and it will be a boy"

I smiled at him and said, "I hope so, but everyone is saying it will be a girl since nothing changed with my appearance at all" But King just smiled back at me.

Around 12midnight I crawled into bed and read a book until almost one. I had to sleep because I started palpitating   (I have Mitral valve prolapse and Mitral and Tricuspid valve regurgitation, just google the terms cause I dont want to be too medical here haha)

I woke up around 4am because I felt a little pressure, I just thought it's braxton hicks so I went back to sleep. then, I woke up again because I of the pain. I checked the time and it's 4:10am. I realized that this is it, I am in early labor.

I went back to sleep and try not to wake up after 10mins but I did. Right then, I texted my mom and told her I am in my 1st stage of labor already, my contractions are every 10mins apart.

My mom replied and she's worried and nervous as she said. So I told her, not to worry about me and just go back to sleep coz she's in the Philippines and worrying about me can't do anything. I dont want here to worry. (bad decision that I told her too soon)

The contractions continued but it was manageable its just that I wake up EVERY TIME I have contractions. Around 9am I decided to went upstairs since my cousin and aunt is awake already.
I told them "I am in labor!"

I keep on walking and walking but I am just a lazy walker.
I tried climbing on the treadmill but it makes me dizzy.
I tried to get some sleep coz I am really sleepy....(at the back of my mind, I wanted to call King! he's right...I am giving birth anytime and he's nowhere to be found ZzzzZZZzzz)

I worked through each contraction by closing my eyes and focusing on the end result: My Baby.
If it's a big or intense contraction, I hold tight to a pillow and breathe. I still manage to keep track how many mins apart my contractions was.

With Kirsten's help, we were able to record all my contractions. If it's a big contraction Kirsten will let me hold her tight (sorry cousin for the scratches) I remember her saying "Ate this isn't my job you know, but I do love you" 

Around 5pm my aunt, uncle and cousin decided to go to church since it's Saturday (Yes, we go to mass every Saturday here)

As soon as they left, I took a shower in case I will deliver my baby At least, I was able to take a shower. Take note that contractions are every 5 minutes already.

Since I am home alone with our doggie Mikko, I decided to call Tita Hazel and I told her I am having contractions every 5mins and she said loudly, "What! You should go to the hospital already crazy lady! Are you crazzzzyy?" then she shouted, "Ate Ely, Ley is in labor and contractions are every 5 minutes already and she's still home!" "Call 911 hurry"

Before everybody in their house freaks out, I told her it's just me and mikko who's home and it's okay coz they will be home soon (Nope, don't want to pay 911, I can still take it) and the pain is a bit manageable still. Although at the back of my mind, If I am in the Philippines.... I am in Makati Medical Hospital already. (hahaha)

After I spoke to Tita Hazel I had a big contraction and I just shouted "MOOOOOOMMM"
then Miko started howling, I think he's trying to get some help coz he knows I am in pain. Miko keeps on howling from time to time whenever I hold onto something tightly because of the contractions.

Around 6:15 my aunt arrived already I told her my contractions are every 5-4mins apart.
Then she observed me, she said, "You're not going to give birth anytime soon cause you can still take the pain, you might counted the minutes wrong. Look at you, you're not crying at all"  But despite that comment, I know it's soon.

Around 8pm my contractions we're 3 minutes apart but like what my aunt said I can still take the pain, I just close my eyes, hold tight to a pillow and breathe. A few mins later, My Auntie from the states called, I told her I am currently in labor with 3mins contractions apart. She said,"You should go to the hospital already because you might give birth anytime, even if you can take the pain, you need to be checked cause you don't know how many CM are you now"

So we Mama Dina monitored my contractions then we decided we will go to the hospital alreadycause YES, it is every 3 minutes apart.

Around 8:30 we left the house, we arrived at the hospital around 8:45pm. In the admitting section the lady asked few questions;
Landline number
Copy of my passport
What the hell am I doing in Canada?
Why am I giving birth there?
She told me I have to pay for everything coz I am considered as a foreign on and so on. I just want to tell her that baby is coming out really, really, soon.

Then we went to the triage already. The nurse checked my blood pressure and how far I am.
She said, "OH MY! you're 10cm already"

My Aunt and I were shocked coz I am fully dilated already. At the back of my mind, I was scared, If I stayed any longer at home I could have given birth at home! Just like what my cousin Amiel wants to happen since he is a paramedic he wants me to be his patient but like King he is nowhere to be found as well. (hahaha)

They brought me upstairs in my labor/delivery/private room.
The nurses had to be fast. They check the heartbeat of my baby, my heartbeat, my sugar level and my blood pressure. Baby is okay. But I am not. My sugar is very high as well as my blood pressure. I thought I will deliver my baby in cesarean section, but they said I can have it delivered normally since I am fully dilated already, but now it's too late for an epidural. Great! No anesthesia but do I really need it still? Cause I manage the labor part which most of the people say the hardest part.

At that point, I am having severe back pain since I have scoliosis so the nurse decided to put a warm compress on my back and it helped a lot.  After a few mins, my contractions was every 2mins, EVERYTHING BECAME INTOLERABLE.

The hustle and bustle of the nursing staff bothered me -- I wanted complete silence. "QUIET," I said. "You're doing great," replied the nurse. (imagine, I have 3 nurses in the room, plus Kirsten, Ate Michelle, Auntie Dina and Auntie Dhel. Papa Caloy and Kuya Geoff were just by the door. Oh My)

Around 10pm I can feel the urge to push. I asked the nurse, Where's the doctor? The nurses replied, "She will only come if you're crowning already"

Unbelievable, but I can feel my baby's head is down already.

The nurse asked if I wanted some pain reliever and I said No, I was able to bare the pain and I want to experience this the natural way.

She went out to get some stuff. Since I do really feel the urge to push and I cant take the pain anymore, I buzz them and told the nurses outside that I am having the baby soon.

They all hurried inside my room. The nurse decided to check me again since baby is not crowning and may water bag is still intact. Then she said "Oh, I can feel the head, it's sideways that's why she's not crowning" then accidentally she popped my waterbag.

The nurses told me to push only when there's contractions and so I followed them. One nurse checked my blood pressure and it went up to 150/90 so she decided to put IV on me. At the back of my mind, I knew something is wrong with my BP and if I am in the Philippines, I will deliver my baby in the C-section, but I tried my best to remain calm as possible. I prayed hard while pushing. I just thought soon this will be all over. as my baby's head crowns, the doctor came in, while she's putting on her gloves I had a big contraction so I pushed so hard and I really blurted out I can feel I am ripping then my baby's head is out already.

No time for my Doctor to put on her second gloves and they all shouted "stop pushing" and since I'm not fully lying down, hmmm , how do I call the position? Semi-seated/ semi lying position, I looked down, my baby's head is out already and the umbilical cord is wrapped around my baby's neck. The doctor had to remove the umbilical cord as fast as she can. (No wonder, my baby is sooo likot inside my tummy)

10:45pm, February 7, 2009 Canada time, my baby is out and IT'S A BOY! We are all surprised!!
I cried! I can;t contain my happiness! It was so surreal!

He cried for 3 seconds and as soon as he reached my chest, he stopped crying. I cried again. Finally, 9 months is over. I can be with my love, my baby boy..

Despite the tear jerking moment, I even had the chance to laugh and say King was right! I gave birth on the day he said I will and it is a boy. Now he should be a ninong.

I FELL IN LOVE THE MINUTE I SAW HIM.. The pain disappeared and I was so relieved to have him in my arms. I couldn't stop smiling. HE WAS PERFECT! He was even MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I IMAGINED.

Sadly, I have to face this battle alone with my baby.

As I held him, the nurses and doctor had to stitched me but at that moment I can feel no pain anymore. One doctor is checking my baby's vitals while I held him close.

The doctor and nurses kept saying they were amazed because he was my first and the birth happened so fast. I was amazed I did it without drugs or any other Anesthesia. I didn't think I was capable of that. When the doctor offered me Percocet, I laughed. What? Do I need that for now?

The next day, 10AM, we were home already! As if I had a drive thru or fast food delivery but with a baby!

Next time, I will have more faith in myself. If I can have a natural, unmedicated childbirth, I can do anything. Women should have faith in themselves. Our bodies are amazing and can do anything. I have respect for all women who give birth no matter what their circumstances. Pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing thing.

Now, after a few months of having my Adrian home, I just thought that I can do everything now. I can surpass any trials that will come along our way. I was able to do it during my 18hour labor without pain reliever.


I SURVIVED THE BIRTH PROCESS, MY HEART DISEASES AND THE CRAZY GESTATIONAL DIABETES! Add up the weather! It was freezing 45 degrees when I gave birth. Hate Winnipeg weather!

I never realized, I could die at that moment. My life was at stake. but it was all WORTH IT