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Merries Baby Diapers From Japan Is Now Here In The Philippines - Always Gentle To Your Baby's Skin

My kids are always up and about, ready to discover new things as they grow each day, especially Amanda who turned one last April. It is important to keep her as comfortable and as happy as possible during her daily schedule. This will ensure maximized bonding between parents and siblings. I am so happy to have a chance to try Merries diapers for Amanda. I’ve seen some wonderful comments about this brand plus the fact that it comes from Japan.

Comfortable For Play

 I always believe that our kids learn through play. As a homeschool mom, we do not want to limit our kids thus we want them to explore their own imagination. Play is a daily part, a big part at that, of my kid’s life. The little ones are always in diapers up to the time they start potty training. Arriana turned three last March and still not fully potty train. This is why discerning moms are out to find diapers that don’t just function; they should also prevent the number one reason for discomfort. Babies and toddlers’ sensitive skin are prone to irritation, rashes, and redness caused by heat and moisture trapped by the diaper. When there is irritation, rashes or redness, kids experience discomfort leading them to tantrums. Oh, that is not a good sign.

What the Merries® diaper brand values most is for babies and toddlers to stay in their diapers comfortably and smile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This promise to provide a high performance product allows mommies and babies to spend time together without any stress. The good news is that Filipina mommies won’t have to look far as Merries® is now available in the Philippines.

Happy Babies With Merries®

Parents will always consider comfort, absorption, quality, price, and availability when searching for a good diaper brand. Merries® has taken this into consideration and became the #1 diaper brand recommended by Japan moms because of its premium quality.


High Quality Materials

 Babies’ skin is very sensitive so it’s important that diapers fit snugly and are gentle on the skin. With the success of the diapers’ comfy and snug fit, Merries® was given a Good Design award in Japan for their efforts.

The brand offers two types of diapers for babies. The Merries® Tape Type comes in Newborn to large sizes, while the Merries® Pants Type comes in Medium to XXL sizes. Both variants use soft, fluffy, and breathable materials to keep the baby’s skin dry and minimize friction.


A Highly Absorbent, Breathable, and Comfortable Diaper

Merries® diapers have polymer for maximum absorption even under pressure and prevents leakage.  Parents will know when to change the diaper thanks to the wetness indicators in the diapers’ design. A non-woven and elastic leg garter and 3D Side Garters not only provide a snug fit, it also stops the leakage and prevents heat from being trapped inside the diaper.

Tape type has a “Light Airy Wavy Mesh” for its inner surface, that allows moisture to pass through the space between the skin and the surface sheet. The concave of the mesh sheet catches soft feces to prevent dispersion.


It also provides minimal contact with the baby’s skin. Pants type is equipped with “Airy Waist Channels” that drives away the heat and moisture inside the diaper. This means there is long lasting dryness and comfort that prevents irritations.



A non-woven and elastic leg garter and 3D Side Garters not only provide a snug fit, it also stops the leakage and prevents heat from being trapped inside the diaper . Thanks to the excellent absorbency and the exceptional breath-ability of the diaper it can minimize discomfort and prevent babies from getting diaper rashes when they wear it overnight or over long periods.

The Best Choice For Mommies

For mommies, the comfort of her baby is put above all else. Which is why they search for the best products in the market to ensure their babies’ comfort and needs. Merries® has solved this issue thanks to their high quality diapers that provide comfort and can absorb greatly. There is value for money because the diaper’s premium quality won’t require as many diaper changes.

Fussy babies and skin rashes are a thing of the past thanks to the quality the Merries® brand provides. The highly absorbent, comfortable, and gentle to skin diaper is perfect for babies and their mommies too. With worries put aside, there is now more time to bond, play, and make fun memories together. Happier babies, Happier mommies.

Here are the things that I like most about this brand.

  • Their logo is shaped like a cradle, rocking baby blissfully to sleep. It is also shaped like a heart, expressing the parents' love for their child.

  • A serial number is printed on all products so individual product information can be traced even after shipment. We believe that product responsibility continues even after product delivery.

  • Since the birth of the Merries brand in 1983 through today, they have continued to pursue gentle on the skin and high quality products – all for the sake of that smile.

  • It has a wetness indicator that actually works. I mean, It really turns from yellow to blue. It doesn’t turn blue when it is full, onece there’s a pee or moisture, it changes colors already.

  • I am all for GENTLENESS. If you have been reading my blog, or following me in my facebook page and instagram, I support products and brands who are all in for being gentle with our babies.

  • I like how this is the ONLY pants diaper that I KNOW OF ( comment down below if there are other brands who has this that I am not aware of ) who has a tape that you can use to throw soiled diaper. This is one of the first consideration that we look into before. But I can not find any diaper who has it. So we ended up always bringing small brown bag to put the soil diapers. We put the soiled diapers into the bag before throwing it. No need for that extra small bag cost. Dispose the soiled diaper by rolling it up as tightly as possible and seal firmly with the tape on the back before throwing it away. Galing diba!

It comes with a built in seal tape

It comes with a built in seal tape

  • We LOVE the Merries bunnies! They are so cute! Amanda loves her bunny. To know more about them, you may watch this video below. Arriana and Amanda loves to watch this video before they go to sleep.

Merries is available in Rustan’s Supermarket and Lazada.

They are currently on Anniversary sale! Enjoy up to 50% discount on selected Merries diapers at Merries Lazada store from May 27 to June 30 only.

About Merries®

Merries® is a Japanese brand that has always made waves around the globe for their products that aim to be the most “gentle to skin” baby diaper. This attention to detail and goal of creating a comfortable product for babies has made them the #1 diaper brand recommended by Japanese moms.

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