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Amanda's Unicorn Themed Baptism and First Birthday [ Part 1 Suppliers]

Disclaimer: This is a long overdue post

Last April, we celebrated Amanda’s first birthday with immediate family and friends. Ironic that we do planning and styling events as a business, but our family and friends know that we do simple and intimate celebrations for our kids. So this post is best for those who wants to DIY (Do it yourself) your child’s intimate party. I will be sharing some tips here so read through guys!


Church: Holy Family Parish

This is on the right side of the church on the second floor. We love this area because it has an artificial grass and the kids loves to run around.

This is on the right side of the church on the second floor. We love this area because it has an artificial grass and the kids loves to run around.

Address: 2777 Faraday St. Makati

Telephone Number: 392 86 17


  • Baptismal certificate with registry number or PSA copy

  • Marriage certificate for married parents. If not married, do not worry, they will still accommodate you but of course, they will ask if you have plans of getting married in the future

  • If you are not from San Isidro, you need to get an authorization letter from your Parish. In our case, we get one from San Ildefonso Parish.

Fee: DONATION ONLY. Yes, it is up to you how much are you giving the church. Like what their Parish priest says, Sacraments are free. But with this, you have to provide your own candles. The church will only cover the sacrament, priest, sound system and electricity.

Parking: There is a parking space! yehey! plus points talaga. Mass is at 10am. Everyone is encourage to attend the mass. Right after, Baptismal na agad.

Seminar: There is a short seminar less than 30 minutes. So for us, very convenient talaga. Some church requires a separare seminar date.

Overall: We love this church because it also near my mom’s place. The parish priest is very kind, considerate, caring. This is also where Arriana had her baptismal. There is a nice mini garden too. They also have a function room good for 200 guest. We did not book here because the venue is to big for us.

Tip: Check your local Parish if medyo budgeted tayo. some popular churches charge 3,000 to 8,000 for a baptismal. Like in Holy Family, 2 babies lang naman ang bininyagan.

Venue: The Columns Makati

Thank you Mama Eva for endorsing us.

Address: 6821 Ayala Avenue Makati

Fee: I like this venue because it is affordable. PHP 1,000 pesos per hour is not bad especially within Makati Area. So we booked 4 hours. 11am to 3pm. It comes with 2 hours ingress. They will turn on the AC at 11am. Though I expect the guest to arrive at 12 - 12:30 since our baptismal is at 11, okay lang, para malamig na since glass sides siya, and mainit pag tanghali. Overall, the price is still affordable. paid 4k for 8 hours in total including ingress and egress.

Parking: Guest can park in Alphaland which is just across. This location is very easy to go to and locate as well.

Cons: It needs an endorsement from a home owner. Thanks to Mama Eva from Feast Makati for loving our family always.

Overall: Overall, we love Columns Makati! Their staff and guards are very nice. We left a guest list in the lobby. This is a requirement, of course, for security purposes. There is also a playground on the same floor, so bigger kids like Kuya Addy and his classmates went there to play.

Caterer: Beyond The Plate




We’ve used several caterers from our past events but we want to keep on exploring other options too. JB’s good friends, Wale and Crisel has a catering business so it was a perfect time for us to try their food. Their package starts at PHP 280/head for lunch and dinner. You may also customized which viand do you like. They have a list of what can you choose from for PHP 280/ head but here is their signature buffet option:

Signature buffet

280/head (plus 10% service charge & 12% vat)

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Baby Potatoes in Herbed Garlic Sauce

Herb Crusted Fish Fillet with Mango Salsa

Chicken Florentine

Korean Pork Stew

Spaghetti with Spicy Oriental Sauce

Fruit Salad

Steamed Rice

1 Round of Iced Tea

We ended up with the following menu:


Cream of Mushroom

Baby Potatoes

Chicken Florentine

Fish fillet with Mango Salsa

Korean Pork Ribs

Pasta Bolognese

Coffee jelly

Steamed Rice

1 round of Iced tea

Infused Water


Chicken Tenders with honey mustard sauce

Baked macaroni

French fries

Double chocolate bar

Orange juice

Everything was a hit. Everyone loved our food. Kids food comes in bento box. The adults loved the kids menu as well.

Here is their set up which we really like. The table centerpieces are from Beyond The Plate. So that is one expense less of my list. Perfect for those who will DIY kasi you will only use it once, so no additional cost for it na.

Tip: Best to always look for a caterer who has a nice centerpiece na. Ask also if you can switch or choose a different viand than what they have as a set. Like Beyond The Plate they have several choices for chicken, beef, pork in the PHP 280/head category.

Photographer: Jay Carlo Photography

FB: Jay Carlo Olaguer Photography

Jay is one of our co-servant in the Feast. For our intimate gatherings, We try to get in our community. We were so thankful that Jay was available at that time because he normally serves even Sunday.

Fee: Rates vary depending on your requirement. Some needs album, printed copies etc. I just need Raw Files and Edited on CD plus coverage. I booked Jay for 3,500 pesos. Not bad at all.

Tip: Check you friends and other contacts. You might have a friend who is starting a photography business and it is nice to help him or her build also her portfolio.

Give Aways for Ninongs and Ninangs: Goodie Bag with Vpharma products and aromatherapy candle.

Because I am all for useful stuff, I want to make sure that my goodie bag for the second parents of Amanda is useful. Something that they will be happy to receive. There are endless options out there especially tthe personalized ones so I want to be extra unique.

  • Pink paper Bag from SM Stationary is at 180 pesos per bundle of 20pcs. This comes in blue, pink and brown color.

  • Sea Salt Aromatherapy Candle at 45 per piece - Since wala candle na kasama sa church, we used this for the baptismal candle na. I know uso yung personalized candles but after kasi, can’t use it na. I was looking for a candle na nasa glass container but wala ako nakita na simple one on my budget. Upon giving their goodie bag sa church, ang happy naman ng sponsors to see the candle. Lakas maka Titos and Titas of Manila, It comes with a ribbon na talaga by the way.

  • Mega Ampalaya from Vpharma because #HealthisForEveryFamily and we really love and use this product, I want to share it to Amanda’s second parents. This has a lot of benefits kasi. Not just for sugar control but also for cholesterol and even for skin care. This is PHP 360 per box of 30 pieces.

  • Mega Mangosteen from Vpharma This is one product that gives me #momsanitysaver. It is a good anti oxidant and energy booster. Sine I always get the question, “Ley how ddo you guys do it with 3 kids and no yaya?” This product is one of those brands that really helped our family a lot. This is PHP 550 per box of 30 pieces.

If you are interested to buy Vpharma products, here are your options:

  1. You may go to their website at and then once you reached 3k minimum purchase, you can use my code LEYLOVESVPHARMA for a one time 500 pesos discount.

  2. On your next purchase, you can buy from me and get the same discount.

Tip: check also what can you give that will be beneficial for them. So We wanted to give health as a gift because they will stand as Amand’s second parent, kaya dapat live a long and healthy life.

Give Aways for Kids: Art Kit

We don’t do programs on First birthdays. Weird diba? But our main reason for this is, we want kasi the program to be something that our celebrant would really like. So in case of Amanda, we do not know yet. Normally, we have more specific programs on their second and seventh birthday. That’s the time also na mas na appreciate na nila yung party. So with Amanda, I bought art kit from SM lang. Placed it on top of the table for each kid. They can either use it there or use it at home na. It is so nice because for PHP 150 pesos it come with:

  • crayons

  • color pencil

  • color pens

  • half size sketch pad

  • It comes with a plastic pouch

Tip: Explore SM ( This is not a sponsored post from SM) but minsan kasi they also have affordable items. For a mom of 3 kids like me, it is very challenging to go to Divisoria. I can try Shopee or Lazada but you know, it give me the satisfying feeling if I can see the products first before ebuying it. Mind you, it took us 1 hour before I finally purchased this.

Food Cart: Fiorgelato




This was a gift for Amanda by our previous client Mr and Mrs Richie and Jantzen Cuna. My kids and guest loves it. We had 3 flavors: Fragola (Strawberry), Cioccolato (Chocolate), and Pistaccio. These are their best sellers. They have different packages ranging from PHP 6,500 to PHP 10,000

Package 1 PHP 6,500 100 pax 4 flavors

Package 2 PHP 7,500 150 pax 6 flavors

Package 3 PHP 8,500 200 pax 8 flavors

Package 4 PHP 10,000 250 pax 10 flavors

Every package includes the following:

  • Free use of freezer with scooper

  • 4 hours duration

  • Free cone and cups

  • For low fat or no added sugar - they charge a minimal amount of 200 per tub but applicable to Flavors: Cappuccino, Pistaccio and Strawberry

Cake: Goldilocks

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Goldilocks Mocha cake is so far the favorite of Amanda, Arriana and Addy. Very convenient because you can order online, pay online using credit card or cash on delivery. They can deliver on the day of the event.

Tip: They also have the fondant cakes but you need to order 5 days in advance.


Invitation: Mommy Planner Ley

I layout the invitation, save the date and will you be my godparent in the Canva App. Thanks to Mommy Pehpot kasi sa kanya ko talaga ito nadiscover! It is free! then JB just sent it thru viber groups. No need to print because, hindi naman itatago ito. Additional kalat lang sa bahay and if they throw it naman, ayoko naman Amanda’s face is there, so E-invite it is!

Party Planner and Stylist: Mommy Planner Ley of JBL Events Management and Creative Styling By JBL

Of course, the planner and stylist is ME. hahaha

Okay, Our Main registered business name is JBL Events Management Services Co but for our styling we used to use the brand Creative Styling By JBL. for past events, you may check our hashtags #JBLEventsManagementServicesCo and #CreativeStylingByJBL

Okay, going back. I check what I currently have before deciding on the theme. So with this, I just bought the mylars at Divisoria. You can also try online stores if you plan do DIY. We can’t do heavy ceiling treatment because of the lamps. Check my next post for more detailed photos. For the stage, we use white curtain ut for a more polished look we did not use tarpaulin stand. We use wood / plywood as our backdrop stand. If you want detailed instructions, comment down below your questions. Will try to make a tutorial for DIY mommies.

For package inquiry, please click on services on my home page and choose Event Styling. or click here for the inquiry form.

Play Area: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Since we have a lot o toys at home, I decided to just bring them. There are several shops who offers rental that will cost you around PHP 5,000 to 12,000 depending on the number of toys and activities.

We have the following:

  • Floor mats

  • Bowling Set

  • Wooden toys and alphabets

  • Clay

  • Kuya Addy’s Mega Blocks -

  • Soccer goalie sets

  • Vtech toys

  • Mini basketball hoops

  • Puzzles

  • Horsey

I did not bring the slide of my cousin because it is too big for the elevator plus there is a playground on the same floor.

Tip: You can do this too. Bring the toys in your house or take advantage of the nearby playgrounds.

Merries Baby Diapers From Japan Is Now Here In The Philippines - Always Gentle To Your Baby's Skin

My kids are always up and about, ready to discover new things as they grow each day, especially Amanda who turned one last April. It is important to keep her as comfortable and as happy as possible during her daily schedule. This will ensure maximized bonding between parents and siblings. I am so happy to have a chance to try Merries diapers for Amanda. I’ve seen some wonderful comments about this brand plus the fact that it comes from Japan.

Comfortable For Play

 I always believe that our kids learn through play. As a homeschool mom, we do not want to limit our kids thus we want them to explore their own imagination. Play is a daily part, a big part at that, of my kid’s life. The little ones are always in diapers up to the time they start potty training. Arriana turned three last March and still not fully potty train. This is why discerning moms are out to find diapers that don’t just function; they should also prevent the number one reason for discomfort. Babies and toddlers’ sensitive skin are prone to irritation, rashes, and redness caused by heat and moisture trapped by the diaper. When there is irritation, rashes or redness, kids experience discomfort leading them to tantrums. Oh, that is not a good sign.

What the Merries® diaper brand values most is for babies and toddlers to stay in their diapers comfortably and smile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This promise to provide a high performance product allows mommies and babies to spend time together without any stress. The good news is that Filipina mommies won’t have to look far as Merries® is now available in the Philippines.

Happy Babies With Merries®

Parents will always consider comfort, absorption, quality, price, and availability when searching for a good diaper brand. Merries® has taken this into consideration and became the #1 diaper brand recommended by Japan moms because of its premium quality.


High Quality Materials

 Babies’ skin is very sensitive so it’s important that diapers fit snugly and are gentle on the skin. With the success of the diapers’ comfy and snug fit, Merries® was given a Good Design award in Japan for their efforts.

The brand offers two types of diapers for babies. The Merries® Tape Type comes in Newborn to large sizes, while the Merries® Pants Type comes in Medium to XXL sizes. Both variants use soft, fluffy, and breathable materials to keep the baby’s skin dry and minimize friction.


A Highly Absorbent, Breathable, and Comfortable Diaper

Merries® diapers have polymer for maximum absorption even under pressure and prevents leakage.  Parents will know when to change the diaper thanks to the wetness indicators in the diapers’ design. A non-woven and elastic leg garter and 3D Side Garters not only provide a snug fit, it also stops the leakage and prevents heat from being trapped inside the diaper.

Tape type has a “Light Airy Wavy Mesh” for its inner surface, that allows moisture to pass through the space between the skin and the surface sheet. The concave of the mesh sheet catches soft feces to prevent dispersion.


It also provides minimal contact with the baby’s skin. Pants type is equipped with “Airy Waist Channels” that drives away the heat and moisture inside the diaper. This means there is long lasting dryness and comfort that prevents irritations.



A non-woven and elastic leg garter and 3D Side Garters not only provide a snug fit, it also stops the leakage and prevents heat from being trapped inside the diaper . Thanks to the excellent absorbency and the exceptional breath-ability of the diaper it can minimize discomfort and prevent babies from getting diaper rashes when they wear it overnight or over long periods.

The Best Choice For Mommies

For mommies, the comfort of her baby is put above all else. Which is why they search for the best products in the market to ensure their babies’ comfort and needs. Merries® has solved this issue thanks to their high quality diapers that provide comfort and can absorb greatly. There is value for money because the diaper’s premium quality won’t require as many diaper changes.

Fussy babies and skin rashes are a thing of the past thanks to the quality the Merries® brand provides. The highly absorbent, comfortable, and gentle to skin diaper is perfect for babies and their mommies too. With worries put aside, there is now more time to bond, play, and make fun memories together. Happier babies, Happier mommies.

Here are the things that I like most about this brand.

  • Their logo is shaped like a cradle, rocking baby blissfully to sleep. It is also shaped like a heart, expressing the parents' love for their child.

  • A serial number is printed on all products so individual product information can be traced even after shipment. We believe that product responsibility continues even after product delivery.

  • Since the birth of the Merries brand in 1983 through today, they have continued to pursue gentle on the skin and high quality products – all for the sake of that smile.

  • It has a wetness indicator that actually works. I mean, It really turns from yellow to blue. It doesn’t turn blue when it is full, onece there’s a pee or moisture, it changes colors already.

  • I am all for GENTLENESS. If you have been reading my blog, or following me in my facebook page and instagram, I support products and brands who are all in for being gentle with our babies.

  • I like how this is the ONLY pants diaper that I KNOW OF ( comment down below if there are other brands who has this that I am not aware of ) who has a tape that you can use to throw soiled diaper. This is one of the first consideration that we look into before. But I can not find any diaper who has it. So we ended up always bringing small brown bag to put the soil diapers. We put the soiled diapers into the bag before throwing it. No need for that extra small bag cost. Dispose the soiled diaper by rolling it up as tightly as possible and seal firmly with the tape on the back before throwing it away. Galing diba!

It comes with a built in seal tape

It comes with a built in seal tape

  • We LOVE the Merries bunnies! They are so cute! Amanda loves her bunny. To know more about them, you may watch this video below. Arriana and Amanda loves to watch this video before they go to sleep.

Merries is available in Rustan’s Supermarket and Lazada.

They are currently on Anniversary sale! Enjoy up to 50% discount on selected Merries diapers at Merries Lazada store from May 27 to June 30 only.

About Merries®

Merries® is a Japanese brand that has always made waves around the globe for their products that aim to be the most “gentle to skin” baby diaper. This attention to detail and goal of creating a comfortable product for babies has made them the #1 diaper brand recommended by Japanese moms.

For more information, please visit the Merries®

Facebook Page ( )

Official brand website  (

Instagram Page ( )


Addy's Baguio Trip

This was Addy’s first time in Baguio. He went there with my Uncle Allan and Auntie Pet. It was a perfect time for him to explore the province and homeschool at the same time. Since I am not with them during the trip, it was his “field trip”.

As soon as he came home, he had to tell me what happened since day 1. Photos and videos were sent to me by my Uncle.

Parenting | The Power of A Praying Parent

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children.


Do you believe that prayers do wonders?

Do you believe that prayers are wonderful?

Do you believe that we should also pray for our kids?

If you answered, Yes, then this is for you!

Since I shared before the ebook of 

The Power of A Praying Wife

 of course, we parents want to also pray for our kids.

So here you may download the ebook by clicking the title -> 

The Power of A Praying Parent

How Much Does It Cost To Give Birth?

Last March 2016, I gave birth at Makati Medical Plaza. I was so grateful that my OB Dra Joanne De Grano-Marave is very kind. Roughly, Normal delivery can ranges from 120-160k at that time but my OB offered a package for PHP 75,000. What's included?

  • 2 days semi private room stay

  • Delivery room fee

  • Baby care fee

  • OB fee

  • Pedia fee

  • Anesthesiologist fee

Last April, I gave birth to our 3rd child. Normal delivery now ranges from 150k-200k. Our package now is at PHP 113,000 but unlike with Arriana, we choose to stay in a small private room for a bigger space. It also includes the following:

  • 2 days small private room stay

  • Delivery room fee

  • Baby care fee

  • OB fee

  • Pedia fee

  • Anesthesiologist fee

Semi private VS Small Private

For semi private, well the room is smaller. No private bathroom 

For small private, bigger room, private bathroom and a mini fridge

Now, Makati Medical Center also provides toiletries. During Arriana's time, they don't have this yet.

MMC toiletries Slippers, pillows not in the photo

I am thankful to have my OB and my friends know this, I would always recommend Dra Joanne to everyone. She lives nearby. She answers query even outside the country. Note that not all doctors offer this package. So please, ASK.  Even my Anes, I love her because she took care of me like her own.

Overall, I love my experience with Makati Medical Center. :) I can't wait to write more about my journey with Amanda. I will be blogging my birth story soon, so watch out!

Breastfeeding | #TheStruggleIsREAL
 Just to be clear, No! I am no expert when it comes to breastfeeding. Just like the rest, I had to read a lot of articles and forums while I was pregnant. I am just lucky to have friends who had successful breastfeeding journeys. They are my great support system. 

Back in 2009, Addy was considered premature in size because in Canada they follow of course the average size for Canadian babies. Addy had to mixed feed because he was jaundice and I gave birth winter time so no luck to sun bathe him. 

So with Arriana, I want to breastfeed her full time while I can. As early as 3 months, I was preparing for it. I want to ensure that my birth plan will be followed accordingly even post partum. I am glad that Makati Medical Center is a breastfeeding advocate hospital. They follow the DOH protocol so this means, NO BOTTLES, NO BREAST PUMPS allowed.

After giving birth, I am lucky according to our pedia because Arriana latches perfectly right away. A lactation consultant also went to visit us to teach me proper latching positions. I stayed overnight in the hospital and the next day, I am ready to go home but not Arriana. Arriana had to stay for a day or two depending on how she will respond with photosynthesis. 

Luckily, we just stay another day and on Arriana's 3rd day, we were able to go home. So my breastfeeding journey begins! I am so excited to go home because I will be able to spend time with Kuya Addy also. I am excited to pump, to build my stash and so on. I thought it is easy peasy as I see my friends doing it perfectly and yes, glamorously.


It was challenging. It was painful! I was in constant tears at night due to pain. I can feel the pain traveling from my shoulders to my spine down to my waist and hips. Add that, I was exhausted from the constant feeding. My scoliosis is always acting up that leaves me with back pain. 

I was up all night feeding Arriana. I was hungry and thirsty all the time. It came to a point wherein I was saying it aloud, Inumin ko kaya itong alcohol? (What if I drink this alcohol?) 

Arriana will sleep for two hours but then I really can't sleep. I know, sabi nila pag tulog ang baby, sabayan mo.s(Sleep while the baby is sleeping) but that's also my time to pee, to take a bath, to attend to Addy, to eat, to wash Arriana's diaper cloth and so on.

Arriana keeps on crying even if I have enough supply of milk. Yes, so it makes me wonder what is wrong because definitely, it's not the supply. I only took supplements if I am on stress because it interferes with my milk supply but overall I have overflowing milk to a point that I'll wake up with ants crawling on me. (This part is not funny. Another reason for me not to sleep while she sleeps)

I checked on if she's latching properly. Yes, she does. I changed position countless of times. Check if she needs to be changed or probably she feels too hot or too cold. She may be colicky, gassy or she just wants to held. After all, she was inside my tummy for 9 months. Imagine how small her space was before compare to an entire bed or crib. In short, my Arriana was just adjusting.

Of course, there are times that she just wants to sleep. I had to follow the 2-3 hours feeding rules so I had to time her naps and wakes her up. There are times that she won't wake up that I had to undress her just to nurse her. There are times that I go to the washroom to pee once a day! yes, ONCE A DAY!

One time, while my partner was at work. I asked Kuya Addy to look after Arriana while she's sleeping. Yes, bath time for mommy. 

Five minutes later....

Kuya: Mommy, gising na si baby, umiiyak! (Mommy, baby is awake and crying!)
Me: Wait, I'm not yet done
Kuya: Mas importante pa ba pag ligo kesa kay baby? ( is taking a bath more important than baby?)

And a lot more stories which I can share on the coming days. But guess what? I am still exclusively breastfeeding Arriana. After a while it gets better. For me, I think after a month, I already get her rhythm when it comes to feeding. 

I am very proud and grateful to be able to breastfeed Arriana until now. I wish and pray that I can continue so until she wants to.

So if you are in the current situation, hang in there mommy! That shall pass also! 

For those who are not breastfeeding, I know you have your own reasons. Do not worry. It doesn't mean you're a bad mom. It does not make you any less of a mom. You are so blessed to be able to have a child as a blessing. As long as your baby is FED that is all that matters!

What is your breastfeeding experience or struggles?

Happy Breastfeeding month! 

Parenting | Arriana Janelle

So we welcome my second child named Arriana Janelle. For those who know my back story, I always wanted the name Arriana. If Addy was a girl her name will be Arriana Laurene. But as we all know, Addy is a boy. See what happened to Kuya Addy's name here

Fast forward 2015, when I finally knew the gender of my second baby, I am 100% sure that her name will be Arriana. Whenever someone asks if I already have a name, I would say," Yes,  Arriana." Everyone will always say, Arriana Grande? I will just smile politely and say "No, it's after my mom who's name is Arrian"

Arriana means Holy 

Since we already have Laurene in the family we had to search for the perfect second name that will compliment the name Arriana. 

Since my first born's initials is A E, I was thinking of having the same for Arriana so I thought of Arriana Elisse as her name. 

Elisse means Promised of God. 

However, my partner wants the second name to start with letter J since his name starts with J. With respect to my partner, I said yes to a second name that starts with letter J. Believe me, it was hard as I don't want the ordinary Jen, Jenny, Jane, Janet names. (No offense to people who has these names)

After months of searching, we finally have a second name!

Janelle means God is gracious. 

With everything that I've been through while pregnant; God is indeed gracious to me and to Arriana. It was the perfect second name. Thanks to a batchmate from high school who suggested the name when I was crowd sourcing in facebook.

I pray that Arriana will always live by her name. 
I want her to be reminded that God is gracious no matter what the circumstances are.
I want her to try her best to be holy or to be like Jesus to everyone.

Til next time!


When I became a mom six years ago today I had no idea. No idea at all what it meant to love someone so much more than you ever thought possible. You made me feefl like the luckiest person on earth. To have such a beautiful and sweet baby boy to love and to watch grow.

And grow you have.

I can’t believe how fast you’ve become such a smart, funny, sweet and special young man.

Thank you for taking care of Mommy whenever I am sick. Thank you for hugging Mommy whenever I get upset. Thank you for loving Mommy. Thank you for understanding whenever mommy says, "next time anak, we have to save money"

Sometimes you may drive me nuts with your silliness.

I can’t help but wish time moved slower. Now, you really don't like it whenever we hug or kiss you. I wish I could bottle your smile and your innocence and have your small hands wrapped in my arms forever. I’m not ready for this.

Six is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it means that when Summer is over you’ll be in First Grade and I won’t have you like I do now. In a blink, we will be there. How can I pause time and fill my well with all these great memories?

you can be remarkably sensitive, and your keen memory for detail serves you well here. You have demonstrated an awareness of what’s going on in a room, with other people, that’s often taken me aback. You have wept for missing friends, places, and stages of your life, your tangible heartbreak seeming to emanate from a much older and more mature person. I have learned the sounds of a tender beating heart when you were willing to give up presents in order to help boys and girls in need. It takes a while to earn your trust, but once that is done it is tenacious and sturdy.

On this very special day, I pray that God’s favor, love, peace, mercy and grace will follow you every single day of your life. You were created to change the world for good and to put a smile on the faces of all mankind. I pray that you will be a solution provider, a source of joy for all and a chronic lover of God. You shall be the head and never the tail. Nations will come to you for solutions to their problems and you will be the pillar they will lean on. They will identify the grace of God on your life.

I promise to put you on the right path to greatness following only God’s plan for your life. Not my plan...God’s plan.

Thank you for being a source of strength to us. You are like a 20 year old stuck in the body of a 6 year old kid. You are not just a son but a great friend. You always make sure there is a smile on my face and even when I scold you for running around inside the house (because you know its a law. No running in the house!) with tears in your eyes, you still do silly things that make me burst into uncontrollable laughter. I am grateful to God for giving me a son like you. 

At just 6 years old, you have already made me a proud mother. When you brought home your certificate of excellence from school as the top student in class, you were scared when you saw tears in my eyes. Addy, those were tears of joy because you are fulfilling all the promises God has made over your life.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Never be afraid to fall. But always remember that in every mistake made, there is a lesson to be learnt. Whenever you fall, there must be something you need to pick up from the floor that will help you as you get up and continue your journey through life. In life, you will make mistakes but always make sure that there is a serious lesson learnt from that mistake so you don’t make the same one again. It’s important that you not only learn from your mistakes, but also from the mistakes that others have made.

Value friendship. Good friendship. Never be selfish in your relationship with people. What you cannot tolerate, don’t do to others. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Learn to say no when you have to say no so you don’t get entangled in commitments that will become a burden to you eventually. Don’t let anybody change the core of who you are. Don’t let circumstances or the world destroy the purity of your heart.

The world is a complicated place to live in. Not because God made it so, but because the humans in it have made it complicated. In all you do, look for the beauty in the world, the honesty and the positive. Living in a complicated and struggling world does not mean you have to struggle and be complicated. Don’t get caught up in their vices. Don’t get involved with the madness around you. Fix your eyes on the positive. Fix your eyes on God. Greatness awaits you Addy. I have seen it. I can feel it. I know it.

When you look back on these words in Twenty years, I need you to know that they are from the heart of a woman who is so proud to be your mother.

Addy, you have touched the lives of everyone around you with your honesty, your purity, your smile and your dance moves. May God never take his eyes off you and may His peace always be with you. Happy Birthday Addy and I love you more than words can ever express.

I am always in your corner, Anak. I’m the loudest cheerleader, the proudest mom, and the one who is always crying over how blessed she knows she is.

Please don’t forget that I’m your favorite girl.

Mommy Ley
On Father's Day
Being a mother is a tough job, but being a mom and a dad is tougher. I want to take a moment today and say Happy Father’s Day to all the Mothers out there who are Fathers too. You deserve the extra recognition of filling in for two salaries, two parents, and still staying sane (mostly).

This is our 3rd Father’s day of Addy and I am extremely blessed and honored to see my son loved by everyone. The never ending he-is-so-adorable compliments from other people are overwhelming.

Addy, You are the joy of my life. Sometimes I get so very busy that I forget to tell you that. Being a single Mom has its benefits: I get you all to myself. But it also has its down side: I have to work an awful lot of hours to bring home enough money for the two of us to live. Thank you for being patient with me and for understanding.  I thank you for helping shape who I am today. Thank you for teaching me lessons most people do not have to learn in life. Thank you for forcing me to rebuild myself. All of those things are important, great and wonderful, but mostly thank you for being the greatest gift in the entire world. Without you, I will be lost. You are the gift that smiles at me and hugs me every day, the gift that acts crazy and goofy and sings songs at the top of your lungs because you can. I thank you for being my son. I will enjoy watching you become the person I know you can be, and while there will be times it is hard to do it alone, the payoff in the end is worth it, the unfailing love between you and me; a mother and a son.

I want to say a very Happy Father’s Day to all the ‘daddies’ out there. I’m not talking to biological fathers, though some of them are daddies. I’m talking about every man who has held the hand of a child while a needle was getting shoved in their vein at the hospital, or every man who doctored a scraped knee and kissed away tears. I’m talking to every man who has ever read a child a bedtime story and tucked them in at night with a kiss on the forehead and a, “See you in the morning, buddy.”

For me, It doesn’t matter if the child was born of your blood as long as the child resides in your heart– that makes you a daddy.

So if you are a man and if you have children, don’t JUST be a father. Be a daddy. Be a man. A Real Man.

Little girls need someone who will kiss them goodnight.  Little boys need the example of a good man to grow up to be like and admire, someone they can hope to become, live up to.

The world needs fathers for one reason only — to procreate. The world needs daddies though, to make this world a better place, to bring our next generation up differently and better than the one before it, to constantly improve and excel.

But for today, tomorrow and the next after,  I will be stronger.  I will be braver. I will be wiser and tougher. I will be a mom, but most importantly, a dad.
On Being A Single Mom
It's long been assumed that motherhood brings meaning to our lives. We guide, love, nurture and support our offspring and sometimes feel appreciated in return -- all elements that can fuel our connectedness and satisfaction in the world. It's easy to find meaningful moments as a mom, but it's when things are tough that it seems we don't know how to interpret what meaning is. What if the greatest reward and meaning of being a mother is the growth our children force us to do?

Being a parent is a very hard job no matter how you slice it, but to further the true blessing that children are is to work equally hard on being conscious and mindful of the growth our kids call forth in us. Perhaps your patience needs work or your critical side needs to be quieted or you need to learn compassion or you could stand to give up some perfectionism. Parenting in a kind and loving way can only come if we face these issues in ourselves. Maybe this is the true meaning behind being in relationship with these souls.

As a parent, you accept from the start that it is all your fault. Every last inhibition, weakness and thing that goes wrong in your child's life is down to you -- however old they are. If they get bullied, bully, pick the wrong course at university or marry the wrong girl, it is all because you did it wrong. As a parent -- deep-down, you know you suck. You know it is not the kid's fault (however old the kid is) -- you made a hash of it.

I don't know it I am making sense here, I just feel like writing, writing randomly. Just whatever, probably I am back to reality that I have to face this journey alone. well, not really alone because I have my adorable ADDY with me.

I then realized. being a parent is really hard. Now, i imagine what my parents went through. Albeit, being a single parent is harder. You have to work twice as much. You have to work 24/7, there's no rest day, no salary, no lunch breaks,  no meeting, but it's full of overtime, of sacrifices for ADDY, of love for ADDY. After 6's sinking in....

It's hard because not all people can understand or willing to understand probably because they can't feel the things that i am going through...or any mothers are going through. I guess they have to be a mother first before they understand.

and as i am writing this senseless note..... someone send me an email......

"She Reminds Us"
by/with Mike Greca
Dedicated to all mothers

In mothers arms a baby sleeps
She swears she hears an angel breathe
Baby wakes and hungrily
By mammas breast the baby feeds

She Reminds Us
That love can conquer anything

Daddy's left them all alone
Always drinks but never phones
But she'll make sure her baby grows
If it's the last thing in life she ever does

She Reminds Us
That love can conquer anything
She reminds us
There are some things only wider eyes can see

Boy he grows
By mammas love
And mamma knows
That heaven above
Gives its angels just enough
Though daddy could not give
Mamma loves him twice as much to cover it
And the boy he grows.....

Days than years go flyin' by
And mamma's still working overtime
Makin sure her little boy becomes
Twice the man his father never was

She reminds us
There are some things only wider eyes can see
She reminds us
That love can conquer anything
Mamma loves, and her love is loud
Boy he grows into a man strong and proud
Mamma loves, and her love is loud
She reminds us that love can conquer anything

here's the video link for the song lyrics....

after watching the video......i realized that my eyes are heart is pounding.....

to all the mothers out proud of you....i hope one day i can be proud of myself as well..

Oh No, It's A Boy!

I was surprised to know that my baby is a boy. Don't get me wrong, I am happy! However, I was pretty convinced that my baby will be a girl. So convinced that I prepared for a baby girl's name (Arriana Laurene) BUT I DO NOT HAVE A NAME FOR A BOY!

During my 9 months of being pregnant, I never had the lihi (cravings or pregnancy symptoms) I never had morning sickness. I never had dark spots. I was blooming. I was happy despite my current situation. So everyone will say, Oh, It's a girl! (ay, babae yan!)

But since it is pretty expensive here in Canada, I decided not to know the gender in advance. So here I am, surprised by my baby's gender.

I have to go home the morning after. Yes, I technically stayed 24 hours in the hospital. I have to think of a name pronto!

My baby boy's name is ADRIAN ENRICO!

Adrian from my Mom Arrian (change the 2nd R to D)
Enrico from my Dad Enrico


His nickname will be Addy. It was given by my Aunti Pet. Thank you Mama (Lola) Pet for a cutie nickname! see you guys soon when we get back!